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Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Some recent reviews from our esteemed patients

  • Stephen Gross - a month ago - Just got new hearing aids. At every step in the process everyone I encountered was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They took their time walking me through the process and made helpful suggestions. Their Covid 19 protocols were exemplary. I am high risk for Covid
  • Byron Plumley - 3 weeks ago - I had a very positive experience. There was appropriate COVID precaution. The appointment was time. I appreciated the professional evaluation and recommendation of the doctor of audiology. I choose to continue with Family Hearing for my needs. Great experience and my hearing is greatly improved
  • Michelle Winston - a week ago - Jennifer was personal, highly professional and took time to educate and explain things and the center and staff were attentive and well set up to accomodate Covid precautions. A number of family members have been going to The Family Hearing Center for years and I've been recommending them to many of my own patients and friends. Highly recommend The Family Hearing Center and give them an A+ rating.

Steven R King

Chelsea: Thank you very much for the professional service you provide on my latest audiology visit and also for the nice Thank You card. That was the most informative and beneficial visit I have experienced concerning my hearing loss. I have used my hearing aids every day and I have noticed a great improvement in my hearing and also with my participation in conversations. You exhibit the highest professional standards and reflect a great compassion for your business and clients. I would strongly recommend Family Hearing to any person who is experiencing hearing loss. Good luck with your business and thanks for your excellent service!

Joyce Walker

I have been to numerous hearing aid centers, and nobody has treated me like the people at Family Hearing. Chelsea and Brittany are simply the greatest people. I asked Brittany, ‘Are they treating you well?’ and she said, ‘Yes!’ I am so happy to hear that, because they are worth so much. Thank you for such quality service.

Elizabeth N., Boulder, CO

A hearing aid at 35? 45? 55? Why not, if you have a hearing loss. This is the age of technology – Bluetooth, iPod touch, iPhone – we seem to have no resistance to being constantly wired, and yet, the hearing aid is not something we seek out as readily as a tooth implant or LASIK surgery. And yet, there is so much great sound being produced which we should not miss (live or recorded), and perfect hearing is so essential to our relationships, professional careers and to the pure enjoyment of life. Thanks to the incredibly competent staff at Family Hearing Center in Boulder, I am now a happy convert! The hearing aid they recommended for me not only helps restore my hearing, which had been progressively impaired due to a congenital condition, but actually makes me totally cool in the eyes of my kids. They seem jealous when they see me listening to music, speaking on the phone using hearing aids as sound receivers, or watching TV at a sound level comfortable for me alone, simply by using a hearing aid Bluetooth accessory that completes the integrated sound processing I was equipped with by the staff of the Family Hearing Center; a real gain for an active person like me.

Prior to finding the Family Hearing Centers, I had visited several hearing aid fitting places in town, including my doctor’s office, and was totally impressed by the professionalism, technical competence and just plain old efficient and caring customer service of Dr. Schweitzer’s team – by far superior to other service providers in this field. I no longer have to worry about selecting the right product (and there are so many to choose from), running into problems using it (Jennifer is the absolute best!) and dealing with insurance to make sure I am properly reimbursed.

Most grateful and appreciative,

Dr. W.J.

Since first being diagnosed with severe to profound, bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at age 20, I have worn a variety of behind-the-ear (BTE) and full-shell analog hearing aids. A few years ago, I moved up to digital BTEs. But as a physically active 60-year-old, I found that BTEs and perspiration were not particularly compatible.

That was when Dr. Christopher Schweitzer at the Family Hearing Center in Lafayette, Colorado, suggested that I give the AGX technology a try. He believed that with proper fitting, I would at least get sufficient gain to use the smaller in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids when exercising.

You can imagine my pleasure when I discovered that these aids are not only ideal for use when I’m running, but are now my all-day, every-day companions! The sound quality and clarity they give me are both outstanding. The four programs allow me to hear well in everything from the quiet of a meeting in my office, to the clatter of a busy restaurant, to the din of a Broncos game. And the cosmetic improvement afforded by the ITCs, as compared with the BTEs, is substantial.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Gail D., Superior

I stopped in today just to tell you that whatever you did last week is fantastic! I just love these new AGX hearing aids. I thought I really liked my old hearing aids but that was all I knew. I can now hear my husband and grandkids. I’m just ecstatic with the 4th program you designed for me to use at the end of the day.

Thank you so much for all your help and skill in improving my hearing. I just couldn’t be happier.

Dr N.O., Lafayette, CO

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for about 14 years. My previous aids always seemed to make background noise, even running water and newspapers rattling, very objectionable. I seriously doubted that digital devices would be any better – but much to my delight, they work fabulously!

As a long time hearing aid wearer, and retired physicist, I highly recommend the AGX digital hearing systems.

Mr. K.Z., Louisville

Dear Family Hearing Staff,

I just wanted you to know that I am AMAZED how much more I can hear, especially
my music! People also seemed to have stopped mumbling … I knew it was their fault and it’s amazing how they speak so much clearer now (wink)!

Betty L., Boulder, CO

Thanks so much for your caring help and awesome attention to detail. Thanks also for answering all of our multitude of questions. The hearing aids are working really well.

Dennis V.

I seldom write reviews, but I want very much to write one for Family Hearing Center. I purchased my hearing aids over a year ago and I have been Jennifer’s, Allison’s, and Karima’s guest ever since. It may seem odd to use the term guest, but I use is advisedly. They have made me feel like a guest ever since our first meeting. Like good hosts, they have made me feel welcome, cared for, and cared about. They have communicated in every way a sincere pleasure in having me visit them. It is clear to me that these qualities come naturally and from their heart. A bill of sale with a warranty can’t buy them. I was initially self conscious about my hearing loss. Jennifer, Allison, and Karima were kind to me, and sensitive to my feelings. I have never felt self conscious with them. Of course all of the kindness and sensitivity in the world would mean little if they were incompetent or careless in their professional work. That is absolutely not the case. Their technical skills are superb and their willingness and ability to share their skill is outstanding. I am a retired professor and I know a thing or two about teaching. They are exceptional teachers. They have taught me a lot. In sum, I am delighted to know them, and I look forward to my visits. I always know I will be treated as a valued guest. I give them my highest recommendation.

H. Karplus

Wonderful, fast, professional service. Highly recommended.

Chaplain Joe Herzanek, President Changing Lives Foundation, Loveland, CO

Dear Family Hearing Center,

I thought I’d write a note and say “thank you” for all you do. My Oticon hearing aids are awesome.

When I began my search to get help from my loss of hearing (which I dreaded by the way) I went to a few different places. My first thought was to see an ENT. I did that, and tried a few different types that he suggested.

What I quickly realized was that I needed someone who specialized in JUST HEARING LOSS. My ENT guy was way to busy to give me the time and attention I required to “get it right.”

After my first visit to your place I knew immediately that you folks were different – in a good way. A friend at work had referred me to you. I’m glad he did.

What I’ve learned is that the service after the initial purchase was critical. I’m a picky guy. After a few follow-up visits and some tweaking/adjusting I’m well please. And now I’m referring my friends to you as well.

Warm regards,

Ina & Art R.

Over the years the help, patience & expertise of the staff has been a life saver for the two of us. Keep doing what you’re doing so very well!

Nancy K.

I am 83 years old and have had the Oticon Hearing Aids and all their accessories since 2007 in NJ and no replacements!! Since arriving in Colorado, unfortunately the 21st century technology expertise has come slowly to me, BUT with the Family Hearing Center I have experienced the most caring, patient, compassionate personnel in Chris, Chelsea and Laura to tend to my every misunderstanding promptly. To all prospective customers or their families, if your a person who wants to enjoy a whole life by taking part fully, try the Family Hearing Center ASAP.

Virginia, Boulder, CO

Efficient, Helpful & Educational – I felt reassured about my hearing and appreciated discussing a plan for the future.


I continue to be totally happy with my new aids. I should come in one more time for minor adjustments: presetting volume down just a tad, and activating background noise reduction option, and T-Coil if available.

I really appreciate your patience and good humor and expertise through all this. I especially appreciate your respecting – and truly listening to – my concerns about the first aids we tried. At my age, with my poor manual dexterity, the truly cutting edge smaller aids were harder for me to adjust by far than these larger ones. The volume ‘dial’ is much easier for me than the toggle. The ‘mechanics of the adjustments’ were not major conscious factors for me – because I had no basis for comparison – but overall I knew I was not adjusting well to the first aids.

In the end the slightly less high tech aids, and the larger size, have turned out to be a perfect fit for me, and I am truly grateful you were willing to adjust the original choice and try a different model. That is such a clear indication to me that Family Hearing is genuinely committed to providing the best possible hearing experience for each individual client, even if that involves trying more than one aid to get there.


My experience with Family Hearing Center began with meeting Ms. Chelsea Brude when she came to our community to conduct free hearing screenings. I decided that I had to do something about my wife’s continually telling me the TV was way too loud and my mishearing what she was saying had to be resolved. My decision has proven to be an extremely good one.

Ms. Brude and the rest of the team at Family Hearing have immensely improved my quality of life. Chelsea is an exceptional young woman, highly professional in both her command of technical subject matter as well as her ability to relate to and instruct patients regarding hearing loss and adaptive devices. Ms. Brude conducted multiple examinations to identify the exact extent and nature of my hearing loss in order to determine which assistive devices would benefit me most. We arrived at a mutual decision on what I would need. Family Hearing was excellent about taking care of all the insurance filing, making sure I was able to get maximum benefits.

I have had my devices delivered and fitted. WOW what a difference. We now can keep the TV at a normal volume level and I can hear it without effort. I can converse with my wife in a restaurant without her having to raise her voice or constantly repeat herself. What a great feeling!

Chelsea has programmed my devices so I can control them myself depending on my surroundings. Her knowledge of the technical side of the devices combined with her natural ability to relate to patients as people amazes me. She has made my transition to wearing assistive devices uneventful, pleasant and productive.

I highly recommend Family Hearing, and especially Ms. Chelsea Brude, to anyone with even a question about their hearing.

John S.

I had a great experience with some small and clear hearing aids for the past two and a half years, but found the streamer a nuisance for changing volume and listening to music or talking on the phone. Than last week I got the new Resounds that work with my iPhone. Streaming music is utterly amazing and restaurants are no longer an issue. What a amazing improvement in sound quality without any feedback or clarity issues. I warn you though, the sound quality is so good that it is scary. I can now hear mice in the grass – that has been more than a few years … If one has to have hearing loss it’s a fortuitous to have this quality technology and convenience available.

Better than the technology are Karima, Jennifer, and Alison, who have always been phenomenal. I highly recommend the Family Hearing Center.

Kathy O.

I had the pleasure of working with Chelsea over the telephone and met her in person in early July 2014. Since I am the main caregiver for my mother handling her needs from the San Francisco Bay Area, I found Chelsea to always be professional and knowledgeable with excellent follow-up and follow-through. My mother is a very darling 89 year old living at an Independent Living Community; however, she can be stubborn and challenging to work with at times. Chelsea was able to work with my mother in a very patient and encouraging manner. My mother liked Chelsea and appreciated her willingness to help her adjust to the hearing aids. Chelsea committed to my mother to work with her and do everything she could to make the hearing aids work for her.

At the beginning of the process my mother was agreeable to getting hearing aids as a result of her ear doctor recommending them. However, after the initial fitting in July 2014, my mother had difficulty working with the hearing aids. Chelsea scheduled appointments to educate her on how to use them and visited her routinely

Chelsea from the beginning to the end of the process was kind, caring and worked with my Mother in what I believe to be over and above customer service in order to get my mother comfortable using the hearing aids. Chelsea has always updated me on the status of my Mom’s progress or lack of it. I highly recommend Family Hearing Center to anyone who is looking for hearing aids for themselves or a family member.

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