Connections to Sound Run Deep

Hearing Good Vibrations? It’s Science!

Some 60% of the body might be water, according to scientists, but have you ever considered that you are also sound? Our own Christopher Schweitzer, Ph.D., a senior board-certified audiologist, valued advisory board member, and previous owner at Family Hearing, explains just how profoundly people and sound are connected in a recent online article published by EarPeace.
The story, “Everything in the Cosmos Is Sound (… Including You),” includes descriptive passages such as this fascinating lesson:

The recognition of rhythm begins prenatally in the womb. The mother’s voice, songs, TV ads, kitchen appliances, etc. have been shown to be recognized after birth. Hence, our personal immersion in vibration is a constant from before we’re even born. Even after death, the molecules of the leftover dust keep on vibrating. Nothing is ever not oscillating, not ‘sounding’ at the atomic level. There is no ultimate silence.

Intriguing, right?

There’s always something exciting to learn from Dr. Schweitzer.

His passion for hearing wellness spans over three decades and counting:

  • He received his Ph.D. in auditory science at the University of Maryland; has worked as a clinical, technical, and research audiologist for over 35 years; and taught in four university graduate programs.
  • He has contributed to over 60 publications related to hearing technology and lectured widely around the world.
  • As director of HEAR 4-U International, he has contributed to numerous patented innovations and consulted throughout the hearing aid industry.

Most important, Dr. Schweitzer enjoys inspiring people to take care of their hearing, one of the greatest gifts to experience and protect. So don’t wait.

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