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At Family Hearing, we believe education plays a big role in better hearing health. So we were excited to team up with Prairie Mountain Media for the debut of its Aging at Altitude wellness webinar series featuring local service providers and practical information you can use.

Chelsea Walters, B.S., BC-HIS, one of our fearless leaders and hearing care experts, took viewers on an informative journey for the inaugural event — held on Zoom. The lunchtime talk, “Timing Is Everything: How Hearing Keeps You in the Moment,” couldn’t have happened at a better time in today’s world.

As Chelsea shared during the webinar, “As we age, time becomes more precious. It moves faster, and savoring the moments that matter most becomes the most important thing.” And when it comes to sound, Chelsea added, “Time is essential.”

How does better hearing figure into all of this? Stream the presentation — now available on YouTube — for the scoop. It also includes some great questions from audience members. (Can hearing aids or the treatment of hearing loss help with tinnitus? Spoiler alert: Yes!).

Chelsea’s popular webinar talk also spurred an opportunity to share helpful tips in a recent Aging at Altitude magazine story that discussed the ways growing older can impact hearing and vision. Addressing some of the barriers that may keep people from seeking needed hearing care, Chelsea offered encouraging advice.

Check out this excerpt from the article:

“Health care professionals appreciate that people may be reluctant to adopt technology because it carries the meaning of ‘being old,’” says [Chelsea] Walters, explaining that by reducing communication challenges and sustaining self-reliance, the reverse is actually true. “We see it firsthand every day. Prioritizing sensory health keeps people young.”

—Chelsea Walters, B.S., BC-HIS

You can live well, laugh well, and age well with the help of better hearing. If enjoying moments that matter seems harder than it used to be, don’t wait. Schedule a personalized consultation with the caring team at Family Hearing today!