Ask any marriage counselor, therapist, or happy couple what the key to a happy life with a spouse is, and the answer will almost always include good communication. But when one or both spouses are living with untreated hearing loss (not wearing hearing aids), communication suffers — and the marriage suffers too. But it doesn’t have to.

It has been shown repeatedly that being able to share your thoughts and emotions with your partner allows them to feel they are heard and appreciated. But when you can’t hear your partner, the relationship inevitably suffers. Misunderstandings build up, unraveling partnerships.

Marriages Suffer With Hearing Loss

A recent survey of 1,500 hearing-impaired people over the age of 55 had some startling results:

  • 44 percent of people said relationships with their partners or other people close to them had suffered because of their hearing loss.

  • 34 percent of respondents lost touch with friends or had marriages that crumbled because of a communication gap caused by hearing loss.
  • Almost 70 percent of people said their inability to hear properly hindered their ability to talk to family and friends, leaving almost half of them feeling left out in social situations.
  • Women were left feeling more isolated than men due to hearing loss.

People Are in Denial About Hearing Loss

Another study conducted by Energizer Battery, Inc., found that in the U.S., almost 50 percent of respondents said their marriages suffered because of their spouse’s hearing loss! More than half of these spouses wouldn’t get their hearing checked, and more often than not, the reason was denial that there was any hearing loss in the first place. Unsurprisingly, many said they felt annoyed when their partner couldn’t hear or understand them. 

A Hearing Professional Can Help

Of course, living with someone with hearing loss doesn’t have to be difficult, frustrating, or lacking in communication. A board-certified audiologist or hearing instrument specialist can fit you with the correct hearing aids for you and your lifestyle. With all of the advances in digital technology, there are hearing devices out there that are right for you.

Hearing Help for Everyone

Hearing aids are no longer the large, bulky devices of yesteryear. Today’s technology allows for small, discreet, even virtually invisible devices that fit right in your ear and deliver natural amplification of sounds around you, customized for listening preference and environments.

If there is one thing these studies prove, it is that a happy marriage and good hearing go hand in hand! Hearing well is about connecting well.

Get Your Hearing Tested

Denial about hearing loss also means loss of active life experience, as well as potentially disrupted relationships. It is an unnecessary burden on you, your spouse, and your loved ones. Find out what your hearing level is today and what can be done to help you hear better – for yourself, your spouse, and your life! Contact us to schedule your hearing evaluation today.