Many people think hearing loss is just an inevitable part of aging. The reality, however, is that it affects all ages. And a growing number of people — young and young at heart — are experiencing hearing loss attributable to one of the most preventable causes: excess noise.

The good news? A few simple steps can help reduce the risk of noise-related hearing loss. Our own Chelsea Walters, B.S., BC-HIS, a board-certified hearing instrument specialist, shares the scoop in an interview with Our Broomfield (Pg.16), and we couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

Spoiler alert! We’re listing some of Chelsea’s timely tips for safely enjoying audio devices right here:

  • Always consider not only the volume but also the duration of listening time, both of which could contribute to hearing damage.
  • Follow the 60/60 rule by listening to audio at no more than 60% of the device’s total volume capacity for no more than 60 minutes at a time.
  • Choose over-the-ear headphones rather than earbuds, creating more distance between the audio source and your hearing system.

“As much as consumer and prescribed hearing devices can be helpful,” says Chelsea in the article, “they also can be harmful if not used properly.” Wise words, especially with the popularity and ease of having sounds streamed directly to the ears.

For the rest of the story — including the exciting ways hearing technology has evolved and how untreated hearing loss affects more than just your ability to hear — check out the quick-read article on pg. 16  right now!