How Hearing Loss Affects Your BRAIN

Although hearing loss is most commonly considered an inner-ear problem, it is actually the brain that performs several functions simultaneously to process sound. Colorado University’s Dr. Anu Sharma will discuss...

Cutting Through the Noise: Understanding Your Options for Better Hearing

You may have heard new terms in the hearing care space like "Over the Counter Hearing Aids," "Online Hearing Aids," or "Discount Plans." Join the Family Hearing Provider team to navigate what these terms mean for you or your loved ones who are on the journey to achieve better hearing.

Boost Brain Health with Better Hearing & Speech

When hearing, speech and cognition work cohesively, the result is more than effective communication. Join Devon Chisholm, MA, CCC-SLP of Pathways Speech Therapy and Chelsea Walters, BS BC-HIS of Family Hearing to uncover the reciprocal relationship between hearing and communication and its importance in mitigating cognitive decline. Participants learn communication strategies, brain fitness tips, and will gain a deep understanding of why optimal hearing is a vital link in social communication and cognitive wellness.