The Magic of Hearing: Educational Seminar

"Hear" is so much more than "ear"

The alchemy of thought, culture, and society.
The Everyday Magic of Hearing

This presentation mixes science and humor to illustrate the fascinating and virtually magical process by which thoughts and ideas flow from one mind to another in the remarkable crucible of “hearing.” Our elementary school science teachers left out vital elements of the chain of connections of social, educational, physical, and mental fitness to our ears.

With a more-than-40-year career in hearing science, Dr. Schweitzer has an undiminished fascination with the process that connects one to another and to the world by sound and communication in all forms. It all starts with hearing and the formation of language, culture, and our personal identities. Ranging from simple acoustics to the growing evidence of hearing’s relationship to physical and mental health, and concluding with the arc of technological development, this presentation will be informative and entertaining to anyone who happens to have ears.

Food and beverages provided. Call to RSVP by June 8.

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  • Broomfield Community Center & Senior Center
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    Christopher Schweitzer, Ph.D.

    Family Hearing Advisory Board

    Broomfield Community Center & Senior Center

    280 Spader Way, Broomfield, CO, USA