Remote communication is typically reliant on hearing. Most often this is done through a phone. Here are our tips to maximize that communication!


Help Your Conversation Partner

  • Reduce noise around you so there are less distractions for the other party.
  • Consider your rate of speech. Speaking fast requires faster processing for the listener.
  • If your communication partner asked you to repeat, rephrase your statement instead of just repeating it. This gives the listener more detail to capture what you said.
  • Get as close to your microphone as possible. Even a few inches can make your speech clearer and more distinct from background noise.

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Help Yourself

  • Identify your better ear- and use it!
  • Adjust the volume so it’s comfortable for you early in the conversation.
  • Reduce distracting noise around you.
  • Upgrade your sound by using high quality headphones or headset. In many cases, the audio quality is better, and it allows you to utilize the power of both ears!

*If you find yourself constantly maxing out the volume or using speaker phone, schedule a hearing test


Help Yourself with Hearing Devices

  • Consider phone receiver placement. Depending on your hearing device configuration, the sound could be better on your ear or with the receiver placed behind your ear.
  • Make an appointment with a hearing professional to certify you for a captioned landline telephone or captioning service on your cell phone.
  • Make an appointment with a hearing professional to learn how your hearing devices can stream phone calls. In many cases, hearing devices can operate like headphones or a headset. Rather than turning everything up, the audio is shaped for the needs of your hearing.
  • Be assertive about asking speaker to get as close to microphone as possible.

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