Adding video to audio gives the opportunity to make an interaction more dynamic and lifelike. Not to mention, it makes it easier for all parties to capture every part of the conversation. Here are our tips to maximize that communication.

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Help Your Conversation Partner

  • Good lighting helps your communication partner read your lips and expressions.
  • Look at the camera. Move your image right below the camera or hide it altogether so it feels like you are looking your partner in the eyes.
  • Utilize your camera. Reference the items, people, recipes, etc. that you are discussing to deepen understanding and connection.


Help Yourself

  • Adjust the volume to a comfortable level at the start!
  • Reduce distracting noise around you.
  • Upgrade your sound by using high quality headphones. In many cases, the audio quality is better, and it allows you to utilize the power of both ears!
    *If you find yourself constantly maxing out the volume or using speaker phone, schedule a hearing test.
  • Maximize your video feed. Make it full screen to
    better read lips and expression. If you need, increase your display’s brightness.
  • Advocate for yourself. If you need someone to slow down, ask! Be specific when asking someone to repeat themselves. Often, only one part was missed. This helps your conversation partner help you.
  • Be assertive about asking the speaker to get as close to the microphone as possible.


Help Yourself with Hearing Devices

  • Consider phone receiver placement. Depending on your hearing device configuration, the sound could be better on your ear or with the receiver placed behind your ear.
  • Make an appointment with a hearing professional to certify you for a captioned landline telephone or captioning service on your cell phone.
  • Make an appointment with a hearing professional to learn how your hearing devices can stream phone calls.
  • In many cases, hearing devices can operate like headphones or a headset. Rather than turning everything up, the audio is shaped for the needs of your hearing.

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