When it comes to helping you hear your best, we leave no stone unturned. It’s important to achieve an accurate fitting with hearing devices as efficiently as possible. That’s why we’re proud to incorporate the AGX® Hearing Real Ear Fitting System into our superior patient experience battery of services.

What is Real-Ear Measurement?

The real-ear measurement system is one tool used to gauge the output response of a hearing device when it’s positioned in your ear canal. The testing can be completed using a variety of sounds and, more importantly, speech signals to validate the most comfortable and appropriate fitting and programming settings for each of your ears.

How Does It Work?

Real-ear measuring assesses the hearing-aid output with a probe microphone while the device is in your ear. We insert a flexible tube alongside your hearing aid and run tests using the microphone and real-ear measurement software. The results show what the desired output should be according to your hearing evaluation and other factors as well as how the device is actually performing while in your ear. These measurements can add more information to assist in your fitting because output can be impacted by the shape and configuration of your ear canal. This can be helpful in making small adjustments that can profoundly affect your hearing experience.

Why Does It Matter?

Although hearing aid technology is constantly improving, it’s critical that hearing-care professionals have a multitude of tools to verify the settings and ensure the devices are working properly. Every ear canal is shaped differently, every patient’s sound processing is unique, and every patient’s lifestyle is individual, making it crucial to offer real-ear verification measurements for patient-specific adjustments to the hearing aids. We perform this evaluation when deemed appropriate for new fittings and adjustments. We want to offer all the services possible so you can hear the best in your world.

Remember, the freedom of better hearing starts with solutions tailored to your or your loved one’s unique communication needs. Count on Family Hearing to make sure your hearing aid prescription is customized specifically for your ears.

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