Jami Strong, CNA

Patient Care Coordinator

As a patient care coordinator, Jami brings experience from many different fields, but the unifying theme involves a genuine desire to help others. “Customer service has always been the base of every job I’ve had, and I adore it,” says Jami, who loves interacting with people at Family Hearing and getting to learn how to help them better.

Jami achieved her nurse aide certification while still in high school, attended Front Range Community College, and is working towards her communications degree. While exploring the next stage in her career, Jami heard great things about our caring team through her mom and says she felt like family the moment she walked in our door.

Speaking of family: Jami’s pretty close with hers and tries to visit Iowa — where most of her loved ones live — as often as possible. The Colorado native also enjoys spending quality time with her boyfriend and is up for some fun horseback riding whenever she gets the chance!