Symone Brewer

Patient Care Coordinator

Symone has a passion for helping people find ways to love life, so helping people improve their lives through better hearing is a natural fit.

She previously co-taught at a Montessori school. Watching children develop and improve their speech, listening, and language skills made her appreciate the impact hearing and listening have on our lives and overall growth. Says Symone, “Even as adults, we never stop learning, and we definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to do it!”

She loves her job because the practice lives up to its name. The patients are treated like family, and so is she. And speaking of family, that’s what brought Symone to Colorado: her sister lived in Colorado and loved it so much, she convinced Symone and her mom to make the move from their home state of Illinois.

She loves Colorado and enjoys time with family, exploring, art, music, and studying education and psychology.